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Expert witness Greg A. Raffaele, founder of CROSSCOR Valuations & Forensics Inc., has real-world experience and education that allows him to conduct forensic accounting and business valuations. He has given depositions and expert witness testimony in both business and family law cases. Greg's family law experience includes child and spousal support, as well as property division. In business cases he has done everything from shareholder and partnership disputes to business valuations and insurance claims. The courts themselves have even appointed Greg to deal with these and other such issues, such as breach of duty and fraud.

In addition to expert witness services, CROSSCOR Valuations & Forensics Inc. also deals with appraisals and valuations of businesses. These valuations determine the economic value of a business at a specific time. This information can be used for many legal purposes, such as in marital dissolutions and shareholder disputes. Estate planning, economic damage, and buy/sell agreements also use these valuations. This process is not a precise science, which can lead to varying opinions by the parties concerned. We acknowledge all the facts, and using our professional judgment, come to a reliable valuation. All of this is done in a manner that is simple for non-accountants and attorneys to understand.

Although it may never see a courtroom, we do everything possible to make sure our forensic accounting is accurate and suitable for court. This applies to both pending or existing legal issues. Forensic accounting is a specialty area of accounting, and we are experienced in all aspects of it.

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