Navy Lieutenant Pleads Guilty to Weapons Charges

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A former Navy lieutenant pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal militaryproperty and sell it on the Internet. While tasked with purchasingweapons for the minesweeper USS Shrike, David Raymond Carmel, 33,bought and resold weapons that far exceeded the needs of the ship.
    Carmelfaces up to 5 years in prison. He had access to supply depots while heserved on the Shrike, based in Ingleside, Texas. A search of hisproperty uncovered a large stash of weapons and related materiel,including multiple mounted infrared laser-aiming devices, includingmachine guns and tripods, hand grenades, a grenade launcher, a shoulderrocket launcher, a silencer, and ammunition, federal prosecutors said.
    Camelwas arrested and charged after he sold weapons to an undercover agentin New York on three occasions. In addition to the pending charges inNew York, Carmel is serving time arising out of federal weapons chargesbrought against him in Wisconsin. His sentencing is scheduled for Jan.16.

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