Menzer & Hill, P.A., Files an Arbitration Claim Against UBS Financial Services, Inc.

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The Securities Law Firm of Menzer & Hill, P.A.,, announced today it filed an arbitration claim against UBS Financial Services, Inc. (“UBS”), (NYSE: UBS) on behalf of an investor who lost the vast majority of his retirement savings as a result of the purchase of Lehman Brothers principal protected notes (“Notes”).  The claim alleges UBS was negligent and engaged in gross misconduct by misrepresenting and omitting material facts regarding the Notes.

UBS marketed the Notes as safe, secure, investments without informing the purchasers of the true risks associated with the Notes, including the fact that the Notes were tied to the credit worthiness of the guarantor, Lehman Brothers.   Furthermore, based on the examiner’s report of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, UBS engaged in short term lending transactions with Lehman Brothers known as Repo 105 transactions on a fully collaterized basis, while its trading force continued to solicit purchases of the Notes which contained 100% risk.  When Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, the values of the Notes became essentially worthless. 

If you have purchased Lehman Brothers Notes or have sustained any other investment losses, the attorneys at the Securities Law Firm of Menzer & Hill, P.A. are dedicated to pursuing claims on behalf of investors who have suffered investment losses as a result of broker misconduct. 

For a free case evaluation or to discuss this matter, please contact the Securities Law Firm of Menzer & Hill, P.A., at 888-923-9223, or visit us on the web at

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