Man Demands Pre-Washington Presidents Be Honored

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Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson violates the President Coin Act and "misleads all students in America, including plaintiff's minor children, concerning the existence and identity of the earliest founders and Presidents of the United States," by refusing to mint commemorative coins honoring the 10 men who served as president under the Articles of Confederation, Stanley Klos says in a pro se claim in Federal Court.

The Presidential Coin Act of 2005 "directs the Secretary of the Treasury to issue one dollar coins that bear designs that 'are emblematic of the President of the United States,'" Klos says. "The Presidential Coin Act further directs the Secretary of the Treasury to mint coins until each President has been honored."

Klos demands that coins be produced honoring the 10 presidents of the Confederation, who served under the Constitution of 1777, from 1779 to 1789.

Klos says the Department of the Treasury rejected his request, in a letter of April 1.

In addition to his claim that this refusal misleads all students in America, Klos says, "the Plaintiff is an exhibitor of rare historical U.S. Presidential manuscripts and this commonly held misconception creates a constant and consistent impediment for including of the Constitution of 1777 Presidents in Presidential Exhibits."

Klos seeks writ of mandamus. He wants to see those 10 dollar coins.

Let the record show that the 10 presidents of the United States under the Articles of Confederation were, in this order, Samuel Huntington, Thomas McKean, John Hanson, Elias Boudinot, Thomas Mifflin, Richard Henry Lee, John Hancock, Nathaniel Gorham, Arthur St. Clair, and Cyrus Griffin

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