FDIC Sued for Shorting $478,638 From Accounts

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Indymac Federal Bank and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporationrefused to insure four accounts up to the required $100,000, theaccount-holders say in Federal Court.
    Katherine Coleman says the FDIC shorted her $478,638 from four insurable accounts after it took over Indymac Bank in July.
    Colemansays the FDIC told her that it would consolidate her accounts and sendher a receivership certificate. Then it sent her a check for $184,524.That's half of the $369,048 the FDIC calculated that Coleman had atIndymac, in her own name and that of the Coleman family.
    Colemansays she refused to sign the check because Indymac actually held$663,162 in her combined personal, family and trust accounts.
    She says each account should be insured to $100,000, and possibly more if the recent increase in federal insurance applies.
    Colemansays her personal money market account held $180,357, but the FDIC toldher that it would only insure $46,979 of that account. She says it gaveno reason for coming up with that figure.
    Coleman wasco-trustee with Theresa Coleman for the Coleman Family Bypass Trust andColeman Family Survivor Trust. The first trust account held $71,000,while the second trust held $84,890. The FDIC allegedly refused toinsure either account.
    Katherine Coleman is also trustee forthe Revocable Living Trust of Mary Donohue. Indymac allegedly toldColeman that the trust would be insured up to $100,000 for each of itsseven beneficiaries.
    The plaintiffs say the bank never toldthem that the account balance could be added to Coleman's personalaccount balance if the bank failed. However, the FDIC refused to coverany of the Trust's $326,915.
    Katherine and Theresa Coleman are represented by Morton Rosen and James Oldendorph Jr. with Haight, Brown & Bonesteel.

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