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Mandatory E-filing Challenge Ripe For Ruling

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A challenge by members of the Georga Bar to a mandatory electronic filing system is ripe for decision by a federal judge on a motion to dismiss by lawyers for defendant LexisNexis.

"The diversity jurisdiction provisions of the Class Action Fairness Act do not apply here, where the 'primary de...

DOJ admits overlooking military law in rape case

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The US Department of Justice said Wednesday that it had mistakenly failed to brief the Supreme Court on the existence of a military law allowing capital punishment for child rape before the court decided the case of Kennedy v. Louisiana. In Kennedy, the court held 5-4 that a death sentence consti...

Atlanta International Airport's Gun Ban Challenged

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A state representative claims the City of ordinance that prohibits people from carrying guns at Atlanta International Airport is unconstitutional. Georgia's HB 89, which took effect July 1, allows people with Georgia gun licenses to carry arms on "public transportation." State Rep. Timothy Bearden, ...

Judges Invoke Lewis Carroll In Detainee Case

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The D.C. Circuit likened the government's reasons for classifying a Chinese Muslim detainee at Guantanamo as an "enemy combatant" to the faulty logic of a Lewis Carroll poem. The government suggested that its allegations against Huzaifa Parhat are reliable because they show up in at least three inte...

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